The only Platform that truly understands your store management needs.

Adouria is simply the best choice for all your store management needs, build by dropshippers for dropshippers, just focus on your business and we'll take care of the rest.

Speed Performance

Start Your own online store with a quick converstion in just few clicks.!

You know that creating a quality unique online store is a hard job. You also know that such job takes ages to be done — or it cost a lof of time and money if you hire someone to do it for you, Adouria saves you both time and money. With few effortless steps it turns your start up store to 100% unique Professional store. With less spending on ads and more profitable return.

Store Management

Manage thousands of products, hundreds of collections, unlimited orders, No Limits with Adouria

Digital Marketing

Engage your customers and Increase sales, import reviews onto your site directly from AliExpress

Orders Processing

Our Platform tracks your orders and sends email notifications to your clients automatically.

A comprehensive set of user-friendly features in one application with great benfits


Adouria is simply a better choice for your store management needs. The app is several years among the most popular in the world, being constantly improved and following the trends of all new market services. Your search for the best solution is over, get your own subscription and join thousands of happy customers.

Speed Performance

BOOST YOURProducts Management

Manage thousands of products and collections, import an entire Ali Express Store in one click, edit product images
No Limits with Adouria

Speed Performance

COMPREHENSIVEOrders Management

Place and Tracks your orders, sends email notifications to customers, with fully customizable templates and much more.

Speed Performance

FOCUSED ON Customers Sales

Adouria automatically update reviews everyday,your store is always interactive, smart tag high demand products, send prmotional emails

Speed Performance


Engage your customers and Increase sales, import reviews onto your site directly from AliExpress, push products micro data to google

Speed Performance


With our well crafted AI engine, Adouria automatically check customers sales, send automatic discount emails, rank most sales products

Adouria Demos

Watch Adouria in Action and see for your self why adouria is different

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DEMOCollections Management

Watch how you can manages collections and update all collection products at once.

Speed Performance

DEMOProducts Management

Watch how you can manages products and how adouria is different.

Import AliExpress Product with Adouria

DEMOImport AliExpress Product

Watch how you can manages products and how adouria is different.

Import AliExpress Store with Adouria

DEMOImport AliExpress Store

Watch how you can manages products and how adouria is different.

Manage Drop shipping Suppliers with Adouria

DEMOSuppliers Management

Watch how you can manages products and how adouria is different.

Manage Drop shipping Orders with Adouria

DEMOOrders Management

Watch how you can manages products and how adouria is different.

Product & Collections Management

Adouria has a huge variety of options and features to manage your store, it has also a very solid based that is being improved and tested by massive stores with thousands of products.

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Edit and publish directly!
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Cards View!

Import Single Product from Ali Express


Product Information

Full Product Details
Import all product details, images, description and variants in one click
Product Specifications
The only app that imports product specifications, short description which is very important for every customer
Auto clean product description
We also clean product description from Links, tracking images and much more

Products Reviews

Products Reviews
We automatically import product reviews and publish them to your public store by integrating with Looks Review
Review and delete reviews
Review and delete reviews directly from product details
Auto refresh reviews
Automatically update reviews everyday,your store is always interactive

Suppliers Details

Supplier Details
Track suppliers, ranking, contact information or even ban a supplier
Auto track product updates
After publishing imported product, we check for its updated prices and variants on a daily basis and update your store
Change or connect supplier
Connect your current suppliers, change an existing supplier or even re-import

Import An Entire Ali Express Store


For the first time you can now import an entire AliExpress store with one click, including all its products !

Get one time full store import for FREE
Then pay only 9.99 USD for each additional store.

Review Products before import
Just tell us the store url, we'll get all its products and display them for your review before import.

Exclusive Feature
Adouria is the only app that provides this service.

Delete Products before Import You can also delete any product before importing directly from display

That's it
Just confirm that everything is okay, we'll import all products and send you an email when import is completed.

Adouria Support Adouria Documentation

Smart User Experience


Enjoy management of your products with advanced search options, especially designed for continues products optimization

Advance Search
Find your products with ease, using supplier details, prices, tags or collection
Inline Edit
Update any product details directly by clicking, including title, short description, tags or even collections
Advanced HTML Editor
Try our smart HTML editor that allow you to edit product details in better view, delete all images at once, insert product templates
View all product information in one place
View and update all product information directly from search results
Image Editing
Edit images using quick and advanced editors or even change an image directly from search results
View product Supplier
View product supplier, update its details or even change supplier directly from product details
Google SEO Details
Manually update product Google SEO details including short description, keywords, tags, ...
Publish or delete product
Update live store directly from search results including all its details, variants and images
Performance on Laptop

Fast & Secure


Adouria is built with the latest technology stack and operates on high availability cloud infrastructure

Works Perfectly on Any Device!

We made sure that you can finish all what you need where ever you are. Adouria works fine on any screen resolutions and mobile devices. Try Adouria and see how it works!

Performance on Mobile
Performance on Tablet

Effective Orders Management


We know how hard it is to manage your orders, especially for dropshippers, now you can manage all your orders in one system.

Advance Orders Search

Find orders using anything, supplier, product or customer contact

Inline Edit

Update orders before placing them, change variants or supplier.

Place Orders

Place your orders by one click, even from multiple suppliers

Share Invoices

Generate orders invoices and share them with your clients with one click.

Reply Customers from Outlook

Get orders invoices and shipping details directly from your email

Shipping Information

Auto update shipping information from AliExpress Orders.

To do list

Create follow up to dos on any order, never forget an order anymore

Cost Calculation

Adouria automatically calculate each order cost and directly link it orders item.

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